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Between work, taking care of the kids, your partner/spouse and finding time for your self, it can sometimes feel like there is absolutely no time to take a step back, regroup and organize everything so that you get a better flow of doing things.

Because of this, life can feel so hectic and out of balance. Indeed, it always seems like there are a million thing you need to do and there is never enough time to get them done.

This is why you’ll love these 23 important tips to help you get more organized. They’re small things that you can easily incorporate in your everyday life, but, they’ll have a huge impact.

How to be more organized


1. Declutter regularly – This seems very obvious but it is something that can sometimes take the back seat. However, one way to become more organized is to ensure that you declutter regularly. Whether it is clothing, papers, shoes, toys, or just about any other item in the house. Try to do so regularly and donate or otherwise get rid of things you no longer use. It will free up space in your home and in your mind and help you keep what’s left more organized.

2. Give everything a home – In order to feel like clutter and ‘things’ aren’t constantly in your way or taking over your life, make a place for everything. Make a place for toys, a place for paper, a place for keys, shoes, books, even a place for miscellaneous items. That way, your space is always organized and neat.


3. Use a planner – Using a planner is one of the best things you can do if you want to be more organized. A planner is a place where you can easily ‘declutter’ your brain. Relying on your memory can be risky as you can quickly forget important things, but putting your ideas, thoughts, and plans down in writing will change the game.



4. Put a trash can in every room – Adding something as simple as a trash can in every room will help you avoid having trash pile up on your desk, by the TV, in your bedroom around your bed, in your home office etc. Doing this will make your house neater.



5. Discard/donate things you no longer use – If you have things that you haven’t used in at least 6 months to a year, consider giving those away or getting rid of them. Chances are you’ll never use them again and they’ll just remain there taking up space in your home.

6. Put shoe shelves or shoe baskets around the house – Keeping shoes in shoe baskets and on shelves can go a long way in making a space look and feel more organized. As such, try to keep a shoe basket or some handy shelves in multiple places around the house. This way, your bedroom, your living room, and even the kitchen won’t be cluttered with discarded shoes. You will be surprised how neat and put together your home looks without shoes laying around in every room!



7. Get lidded baskets for toys – If you have children then you know that toys are sometimes all over the house, even when there is a perfectly good place to put them. Finding lidded toy baskets for the kids’ toys can make it take much more likely to stay organized without spilling over.



8. Make a morning checklist – Making a morning checklist should be something you do every day. It gives you the opportunity to gather your thoughts on paper, and create a plan for your day.


9. Keep more checklists for other things –  Using checklists to start your morning is great, but using them for other important projects are awesome too! Consider writing checklists for everything from projects to groceries shopping. Checklists not only help you put down your thoughts, but they also help you get a sequence of doing things.


10. Keep all your important information in a binder – Do you know where all of your important documents are? Do you know where your household documents are? If you don’t you need to create a space where you can keep all these things organized in one place. A binder is a great idea.



11. Plan your outfits a week ahead – Do you have a hectic schedule? Are you finding yourself rushing out of the house every morning with little to no time to spare? One simple way to be more organized in the morning is to plan all your outfits for the week ahead. Plan them out on Sunday. That way, you have one less thing to stress about every morning before leaving the house.




12. Meal plan every Sunday – One thing that can throw off an otherwise organized week is meal time. As such, to develop the habit of meal planning every weekend so that during the week, when things seem busy, you already know what you and your family are eating for every meal, every day. Meal planning is great for organizing and it is one of the few things I make sure I do every single Sunday to avoid getting stuck on meal ideas throughout the week.



13. Stock groceries for your planned meals – Stocking groceries goes hand in hand with meal planning. I find that having everything available beforehand saves me a lot of time and stress. Therefore, I also shop for groceries on the weekend to ensure my meal plan goes as planned.



14. Organize and declutter your wallet – This is something you should strive to do daily. It will give you the opportunity to file away receipts, put your change in a savings box, throw out all other bits and bobs you may have accumulated throughout the previous day. Doing this alone can make you feel so much more organized and ready to take on your day!



15. Set up an outbox – Figuring out what you need to give away is one thing, but actually getting it out the door can be something else entirely. In order to make this easy, designate a space for all outgoing items such as donations, packages, store returns etc so that they don’t end up crowding the floor for days or weeks.


16. Ask creditors to shift your due dates – Organise how and when you pay your bills. That way, you will ensure that you pay for everything every month. Having multiple bills due dates isn’t as ideal as easily paying for everything in one single sweep.



17. Practice putting everything away once you’re done using it – Once you’ve dedicated space for everything in your home, practice putting things away immediately after you’re done using them. This practice will help you to keep your home clutter free and organized.

Teach your spouse and kids to do this too so that everything stays organized.

18. Create a list of your passwords in a safe place. Whether that be a planner or a safe website like Lastpass, ensures that you organize all your passwords in one place. Trust me, this little organization trick can help you avoid loads of headaches down the road.


19. Unsubscribe to newsletters, magazines, and subscriptions that you no longer read.


20. Carry a small notepad with you – Doing this will allow you to not only remember what you need to do or what you need get when you’re out and out, but it will also help you to quickly jot down important things that come up: With this notepad, you can write down:

  • To-dos
  • Upcoming events
  • The money you’ve spent
  • Things to buy for projects
  • Quick shopping lists
  • Plans  you have

21. Back up files – Backing up files is important for helping you get more organized. Consider trying Dropbox. You can  Use Dropbox to keep everything organized in one central place. You can organize files, documents, photos, videos and more all in one secure central place. Everything will be safely synced across all your devices for easy access and you never have to waste the tracking things down again

Being organized makes life feel more manageable

Once you establish a routine and you start to pay more attention to keeping things organized, you will start to see a drastic improvement in your life.
You will feel more free and more in control, you may feel less anxious and overall, you will feel as if your life is more manageable than before.
Therefore, use these simple organizing tips to help you become more organized and reap of the wonderful benefits that come with it!

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