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Sundays are usually the day we relax, spend time with family, watch some Netflix, sleep in or do all the things that we cannot do during the busy weekdays.

Unfortunately, Sunday marks the last day of the relaxing weekend, and the busy week ahead may seem daunting and stressful even before it begins. 

Indeed the thought of Monday can make anyone stressed out. The thought of such a busy week ahead, with millions of responsibilities and deadlines, can do that to you.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way, in fact, the week ahead can be relaxing and stress-free (except for the things that are beyond your own control). All you have to do is prepare yourself adequately for the week ahead. This will help you look to the week with a sense of peace, purpose and a feeling of being in control and ready to take it all on. 



7 Sunday Habits For A Productive Week


1. Plan out your week ahead

There is this beautiful productivity quote that always comes to mind when I think of planning. It goes like this 

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

I think of this quote every time I start a project, a month of work, my budget or just about any project I undertake must be planned. Otherwise, I experience the inevitable ‘scattered and confused’ feeling that comes with a lack of proper preparation. When this happens, I immediately grab my bullet journal and do some planning. After that, things seem to fall in place and run much more smoothly.

Think of this quote every Sunday (or otherwise) when you’re approaching your week ahead. Make a plan for the things you need to do. Figure out how you’re going to do them and in what order you’re going to do them. This will help you get a very clear picture of what you’re supposed to be spending time on for the week ahead. Making this plan will then help keep you focused and help you be more productive throughout the week. 

If you want to start planning for your week ahead, consider using this bullet journal to keep all your planning ideas, to do lists and other important notes all in one place.


2. Clean your desk or space

Wherever you work during the week needs to be kept clean and orderly in order for you to be more productive. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve felt completely uninspired to work just because everything seems to be so out of place.

A clean workspace, on the other hand, will give you a sense of feeling refreshed and ready to work. Make cleaning your space something that you do often that you do to help put things into perspective.

If you haven’t done it in a while, try it out and see just how clearer your mind starts to feel. By extension, you will be able to get so much done throughout the week!


3. Clean your home

Starting your week off with a clean home is super important as well. Not only will it make you feel good to walk into a clean home every day this week.

It will also help you find things more quickly. When things are in their rightful place,  you will spend less time hunting them down as the week goes by.

This will help you be more productive because you’ll be able to find things easily when you need them. Therefore, cleaning up your home is something you should strive for every Sunday, and make a part of your Sunday routine for increase productivity.


4. Meal plan and or meal prep

Trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can take up quite a bit of time if not done in advance. Therefore, taking some time out for Meal planning and or meal prepping can help you have a more productive week ahead.

With a good meal planning and meal prep strategy in place,  you will mostly like have less stress and spend less money by cutting out last-minute meals (because you’re staving and need something now!). This alone will help you be massively productive because you’re clearing up so much space in your brain by already knowing what you’re going to eat in advance!

The best part is that meal planning on Sundays can help you control what you eat throughout the week because you’re not grabbing and eating whatever is available when you are hungry. This means that if you’ve been trying to lose weight, you can actually lose the weight now. All you need to do is create a meal plan that is designed to help you lose weight and then follow grocery lists and instructions designed for weight loss.

Meal planning does not have to be hard, in fact, you can try out the MealPlanMagic All-In-One and easily 

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  • Combine Plans, Lists & Summaries For Two Users
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5. Plan out your outfits for the week

Another activity that can take up a lot of time and kill productivity is finding outfits to wear to get out of the house. We sometimes spend hours looking for something presentable to thrown on and sometimes end up running late for working, important meeting and so on. This can also cause us to leave a big mess in our rooms every morning (a mess that no one wants to attend to after a long day of work might I add). Planning out outfits for the entire week in advance can help to get rid of this problem and make mornings and getting out the house on time a piece of cake.



5. Make a budget for the week

Budgeting on its own is hard. Add trying to keep up with your budget on a busy week when you feel like you have a mountain of work, and no time to eat, sleep or sometimes even think clearly. Making a good budget on Sunday is one of those habits that you should always stick to. It’s a way to help you manage your money and feel in control of how much you’re spending. It’ll give you an idea of exactly what you can and cannot spend. You’ll feel super productive if you’re able to properly manage how much money you spend every week and you end the month in a place that you’re proud of financially without wasting your money.



6. Go grocery shopping

Buy your groceries in advance. That way you’ll have food to meal prep or snacks to grab when you’re hungry and you won’t be wasting time going in and out of the grocery store every other day. 



7. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

sunday habits for a productive week

Another super smart tip to help you feel more productive is to go to bed on time. Yes, I know that scrolling through your phone or watching your favorite series on Sunday is addictive. I also know that going to bed at 2 am in order to complete a project you really want o get done sounds like the thing to do, but practice going to bed at a reasonable time every Sunday so that you wake up feeling refreshed. 

This is one of the most important Sunday habits you need to follow to have the best and most productive week, every week!


All of these habits will help you learn how to prepare for the week ahead, whether you anticipate the week to be stressful or a regular week. Doing these every Sunday will help you build a great Sunday routine that you can use for years to come! 

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