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Some days are just bad and nothing seems to be going right. On days like these, it is best to have a few self care ideas up your sleeve so you can properly take care of and replenish yourself.

By so doing, you’ll be surprised as at much better you feel.

Many times as human beings we tend to feel like we’re being selfish if we take time out to care for ourselves. After all, there always seems to be some much to be done…so much that you need to get done.

Sometimes you just need to push those thoughts away and focus on you. Once you’ve done that you can take care of everything else so much better.


What is self-care?

Self care is the act of taking time out to care for your self mentally, emotionally and physically. It involves us doing the things that can to make ourselves feel better.

Why you need to focus on self-care

Self care is very important. In fact, it is essential in helping you live a well balanced life. Many people go through life never truly practicing self care. They either believe it is selfish or they believe it is simply making your self look good. But self care is so much more than just the physical. And, is is definitely not selfish.. In fact, this quotes summaries exactly what is,

“Self-care isn’t about self-indulgence it is about self-preservation.” – Audrey Lorde


It makes you a better versions of yourself in every single way and this is why it should be incorporated in everyones routine. However sadly it is not.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been slacking on your self care routine. Or, you’ve been doing good, but you just need great self more ideas for bad days. Or, even if you’ve never actively practises self care a day in your life, this list of self care ideas will help you in some way.


45 self-care ideas for bad days

Some days just suck…really bad. On days like these take extra care with yourself. Ensure that your uplifting your spirits in everything you do. Here are some awesome ideas to try:

1. Go for a walk

2. Learn not to feel selfish when you say “no.”

3. Take a nap without an alarm clock.

4. Crochet, sew or quilt something. 

5. Use a bullet journal to make yourself happy. Record your thoughts and feeling, draw or doodle.

6. Develop an amazing morning routine. You many not have one, but now is a great time to start developing a self care routine that helps you feel good before you truly start your day each day.

7. Read a good book for 1 hour each day.

8. Schedule ‘me time’ and actually use this time for yourself. Not for work..but for you!

9. Try out adult colouring to make you feel relaxed. You can try out this adult colouring book and these awesome coloured pencils to start out.

10. Listen to some inspiring podcasts.

11. Declutter your living space.

12. Unplug from social media for a short time.

13. Make your home as comfy as you possibly can.

14. Develop an evening ritual that promotes relaxation.

15. Listen to some good music and sing as loudly as you wish!

16. Learn how to doodle to help you feel less anxious and deal with stress better.

17. Finish this sentence every day when you wake up and before you go to sleep: “I love myself because I ___________.”

18. Give yourself a pedicure.

19. Give yourself a homemade facial.

20.Take a long bubble bath.

21. Allow yourself to freely binge watch your favourite show without guilt for a few hours.

22. Watch some funny videos online.

23. Try out yoga for a week.

24. Burn some sweet smelling candles.

25. Buy yourself something nice that you’ve been wanting for a while. Just do it!

26. Start a small garden.

27. Take yourself on a quiet date.

28. Catch up with good friends you haven’t spoken to in a while.

29. Pamper your skin.

30. Plan a little getaway for yourself.

31. Get yourself a weighted blanket so you sleep deeply.

32. Buy yourself some nice flowers.

33. Spend some time doing nothing but relaxing. No phone, no computer, not TV, no work. Just spend some time with you.

34. Get a monthly massage. One every so often is okay, but going in every mont his even better.

35. Start something you’ve always wanted to start. Maybe a hobby, or project.

36. Drink more water.

37. Start your day AFTER you’ve taken care of YOU.

38. say ‘no’ to things that stretch you thin.

39. If something is bothering you, communicate it to people. Many times, we bottle things up and allow it to stress us out. if your kids are doing something you don’t like let them know. if your husband is doing something you don’t like, let him know, chances are they will gladly try to improve it for you.

40. Remind yourself of all the good and productive things you’ve done this month. Write it in your journal.

41. Cry…If you’re feeling very stressed out and overwhelmed, let out the frustrations by letting all out.

42. Ask for help. If you’re feeling stretched thin, consider asking someone to help you with a few things. You’ll be surprised how helpful others can be if you just ask.

43. Take a very long drive. Don’t even pick a destination. Just allow your self to drive freely and clear your mind.

44. Laugh more often. There a thousands of little things that happen everyday that you can laugh at. Look for these things rather than the things that encourage negative thoughts.

45. Make yourself an amazing yet, easy dinner.


Self care activities make you a better version of you

Whether you’re feeling down today or you just want to start taking better care of your self you can find some great ideas in this list of help you out. As you can see, many of these self care ideas aren’t extravagant, indeed, most can be done for free! 

Often times when we think of self care, we immediately think of the physical ways we can take care of ourselves while completely neglecting the emotional and mental ways we can practice self care This list incorporates a little bit of all.

If you’ve ever wanted to start being more mindful and paying more attention and care to your, then you should start with these tips!


45 Self Care Ideas For Bad Days

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