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Self care is something that often comes last on most people’s list of  priorities.

After all, let’s face it, there always seems to be a lack of time for things that involve self care and indeed a never enough time for the long list of things that have to be taken care of everyday. So, who really has time for self care?

However, today is the day this all changes.

Maybe, you’ve been trying to to find ideas of what you can do for self care.

Maybe, you’ve been trying to figure how to keep a solid self care routine going for more than a few weeks. Indeed, maybe, you’re looking for way to make self care a part of your lifestyle.

Maybe, you’ve already started but can’t seem to find a routine that that actually works for long enough.

Whatever your situation is, you’re in the right place! Self care is very important for an overall healthy life, but you already. know that, right?

But did you know that some times, just saying you will start practicing more self care just won’t do the trick? 

Sometimes, it just seem IMPOSSIBLE to find the time, the strength, the motivation, the desire to just do more things that will benefit YOU and ultimately make all the other responsibilities of life seem less difficult. 

As busy moms, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, busy dads, single moms, single dads, students, teachers and the list go, it can become something very common to give all of yourself (your time, your energy, your focus) to everything else in your your life but you. 

It is commonly said that if you don’t practice self care, you won’t be able to care for others. Even I have echoed these same sentiments myself. However, I am starting to realise that this isn’t quite true.

Yes we can, and often do take care of everyone else in our lives but ourselves. We are often burnt out, tired, depressed, sad, lonely, afraid, unhealthy and no one ever knows. We suck it up, do the bare minimum to keep looking  and seeming ‘functional’ and we start the process of caring for everyone and everything that we feel responsible for. Over, and over and over again.

Sometimes, it can take years, for people to realise just how much of themselves they give everyday to the kids, the spouse, the job, the charity, the new business, friends, family. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this as long as you’re purposely carving out time for yourself, consistently. 

If you’re here, looking for bullet journal self care page ideas, then you’re one of the few people who knows how important it is to be able to not just do good things for everyone else, but also to do good things for yourself. So that you feel good both physically and mentally. After all nobody  wants to be a ticking time bomb!

For me, incorporating self care pages in my bullet journal was the best thing I could have done for my self care journey. Because I use my bullet journal so often, it has helped me to stay on track with my self care routines and this has made a world of difference my life today. I am happier, more content and more at peace and more balanced. Hopefully, these bullet journal self care page ideas will help you feel the same. 


Here are 10 brilliant bullet journal self  care pages you can use:


Self care routine page

Sometimes putting down a simple self care routine just as this can help you out tremendously. It not only let’s you remember what you want your routine to be like, but, it also helps you solidify what it is that you want to do for yourself and your mental and physical health. And, believe me, once the plan is written down, chances of you following it are so much higher!

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Day 5 of the #AOdotgridchallenge by @archerandolive and today’s theme is self-care. ? These are all the things I like to do to look after myself, and keep my mental health in check! ?? Yet another background from me!! I am loving changing it up, it’s so freeing. Before I was so worried about ruining my perfect white feed because I thought you guys wouldn’t want to follow me anymore, but I’ve realised that’s not true, you just want me to do me, and I love you for that! ??☺️☺️ . . . . . #bulletjournal #bujo #journal #journaling #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournaling #bujojunkies #planner #planning #plan #stationary #stationaryaddict #planneraddict #bujoinspire #bujocommunity #handlettering #bujolove #showmeyourplanner #scribblesthatmatter #selfcaresunday #bujoideas #bujoselfcare #bujolist #bujocollections #selfcareeveryday #selfcaretips #selfcare

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Self care challenge

Have you tried, but are finding it hard to keep a solid self care routine? Or, are you looking for more ways to practice self care? A simple self care challenge such as this is all you will need!

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February Self Care Challenge ? I collabed with a few amazing people to create a February Self Care Challenge! Self care is extremely important for your mental health, so we will be treating ourselves to a self care task each day in February! Sometimes, we just need to take a few minutes to take care of ourselves. We deserve to relax and refresh. ? • Recreate this spread in your style and tag all five of us! Let’s practice self care together ? Use the hashtag #februaryselfcare ? • Check out the spreads my lovely co-hosts created when they’ve been posted! ? @boho.bujo.girl ? @doodlingem ? @bujorach ? @ig.studygram ? • • • #bulletjournal #bulletjournals #bulletjournalchallenge #bujo #bujoideas #bujoinspiration #bujoinspo #bujochallenge #bujoselfcare #selfcarechallenge #february #februaryselfcare #selfcare #selfcarematters #smallbujosaturday #bujosmallsaturday #collaboration #collab #bulletjournalcollab #bujocollab #love #selflove #loveletter #loveletters #sendlove

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Self care to-do list

Also try this amazing self care to do list to remind you that you’re important too!


Self care ideas 


Self love spread

Sometimes we tend to forget the things that we love about ourselves. Now, with a self love spread like this one, you can easily practice self care by writing down the things you admire about yourself.


Self care checklist

It’s a great idea to keep a self care checklist such as this one. reference it often to ensure that you’re keeping up with your regular self care practices. 

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Saturday self-care checklist. I sometimes get so caught up in what I “have” to do in a day ( or feel like I “have” to do), that I forget to check in with myself and make sure that I listen to what my body needs. I’m especially bad at hydrating and resting. Resting is my worst. I love the feeling that comes over my body when I do finally lie down; and I often leave it till I’m maxed out. It’s guilt that keeps me from it. Ironically, I perform better and get more done if I rest regularly. #selfcare #bulletjournal #bulletjournallove #bulletjournalselfcare #bulletjournalcommunity #selfcarespread #bujoideas #mentalhealthawareness #cvid #chronicillness #managingchronicillness #selfcarechecklist #bujoinspiration #bujoselfcare #bujolife #planneraddict #plannergirl #primaryimmunedeficiency #bipolar2 #handlettering #

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Self care survival guide to deal with negative emotions


Bullet journal self care challenge

Sometimes breaking things down into different categories goes a long way in helping you get actually do it. This bullet journal self care page is a great example of how to organise things into sections and focus on one each week. 


Habit and self care tracker


Love starts with ME self care challenge


Things to quit now self care page

Self care is one of the most important things anyone can d for themselves on a consistent basis. Sometimes it gets difficult to reminder what you have to do to take care of yourself both mentally and psychically. Sometimes because of this, one can go weeks, months, years without taking the time to just really focus on oneself.

Having a bullet journal, and specifically, self care page ideas you can incorporate in your bullet journal is s great way to keep self care front and centre in your mind. Heck, even bullet journaling / doodling indoor bullet journal can be a form of self care in and of itself! So, what are you waiting for, starting adding these pages ideas into your bujo today!

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