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Learn how to make your WordPress blog more attractive in this simple blog customization guide.

You’ve already started your blog by following a few easy steps. Now your blog most likely looks like this image below on the front end and I’m sure you want to learn how to make your WordPress blog more attractive.

I’ll help you figure out how.

To make your blog look attractive, you will need thing like pages, blog posts, brand colors, a good theme, a nice logo, plugins and more.

They’re all quite simple steps, however, if you’re a beginner, you may not know what to do and this is what this guide if for. 

Below, I’ve outlined some important tips and resources you can follow to learn how make your blog look a lot better by customizing it.

After a few days or so you should see the blog start to come together and start to look great!

After logging into your WordPress dashboard, you will notice that your blog is mostly empty, except for a few default placeholders. So you have to start the customization process as soon as you can.

The customization process may take a few days or a month (this all depends on how fast you work and how much time you have available to devote to your blog each day)

This guide is meant to make the process easier to follow and complete. Let’s begin!


☐ Pick Your Brand Colors

☐ Choose and Install A Theme

☐ Design a logo

☐ Create and Install a Favicon

☐ Add Plugins to your blog

☐ Create Your First Few Pages: Terms of service, privacy policy, contact page.

☐ Create Your First Few Posts: Write 3 or more great posts that set the tone for content you will have on your blog.

☐ Set up Main Navigation Menu

☐ Create a Drop Down Menu

☐ How to add widgets to your blog

☐ Create XML sitemaps

☐ Submit Sitemap to Google

☐ Set up Google Analytics

☐ Install Google Analytics on your blog
☐ Remove footer credits (if you use a free theme)
☐ Join Facebook Blogging Groups For Extra Support

Now that you’ve followed all these steps to set up your blog, your blog should be looking good and ready to be promoted for visitors.

Some people like to take this time to focus on writing up blog posts. I’ve heard people say anywhere from 10 – 30 blog posts in preparation for promotion.

I’ve never personally done it this way. I always dive in with my 3-5 pieces of content and start promoting these as I will explain in this post about promoting content.

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