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Here is a long list of 101 everyday things to be thankful for.= to help improve your overall life and well being.

Many times we only take time to be grateful for the big things in our lives. Thing like getting married, going on a much needed vacation, graduating from college, increasing our salaries, buying a new home or new car and so on an so forth.

These are the things that seem worthy of being thankful for.

After all, these are the things we allow ourselves to see and to focus on. The rest- those small, see mingling insignificant  things that make up more than 90% of our daily lives – we quickly dismiss and forget.

Can you just take a moment to image what it would be like for us if we were to just take time out to be thankful for all these little things? I can tell you from experience, life would be so much better overall.

These small, everyday can fill you heart with joy if only you’d take the time out to appreciate them.


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Benefits of being more grateful

You may not have know this but studies have shown that gratitude plays a massive role is helping people live a more positive life. Here are 11 amazing benefits of being more grateful:

  • Makes You Happier
  • You Become Healthier
  • You Become More productive
  • You Become More successful
  • You Are More liked
  • You Are Less Agressive
  • You Are Naturally More Optimistic
  • You Feel Less Stressed
  • You Are More Resilient

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Steps to Being Grateful

1.  Be Mindful of What You Have.

Always learn to be mindful of the things that you have whether material or otherwise or whether big or small. Always pay attention to the things that you.


2.  Keep a Gratitude Journal.

Writing down what you feel grateful for in a journal is an awesome way to be mindful and give thanks regularly. Try it out weekly to see juts how much more positively you look at life.

3. Take time thinking of things deeply

Being grateful means taking time to think about things deeply. Consider meditation to help you do this.


5. Write little notes and stick them around your home

Remind yourself everyday of the small things that make you happy. do this by writing down 5 things that make you happy on a sticky note and place it somewhere in your home that you’re often in. This may  be on the ride if you’re oftenest he kitchen for instance.


6. Little reminders on your phone

Add a small reminder of what you want to be grateful every day on your phone. We spend lots of time in our phones s this a great place to set small reminders of why you’re grateful.

List of everyday things to be grateful for

  1. Food on the table
  2. Having a pay check
  3. Making a final payment on a loan
  4. The ability to work from home -in your pajamas
  5. A beautiful sunrise
  6. A song you love
  7. Ability to spend time with your kids
  8. New clothes
  9. A comfortable bed to sleep in
  10. Your favorite morning drink
  11. A massage
  12. Time to enjoy your favorite Netflix show
  13. Sleep
  14. Warm showers/baths
  15. A beautiful sunset
  16. Moments of quiet when you’re the only one awake
  17. Days off work
  18. The ability to watch your favorite youtubers
  19. Breakfast in bed
  20. The Holidays
  21. Birthdays
  22. Pets
  23. Friends
  24. Support of family
  25. Great co workers
  26. The act of kindness from people you don’t know
  27. Travelling to new places
  28. Ice cream
  29. Weekends
  30. Laughter
  31. Having a car
  32. Having a roof over your head
  33. The ability to buy things you like/want
  34. The support of your spouse/partner
  35. Love
  36. Romance
  37. Cellphones
  38. Laptops
  39. The ability to work from home
  40. Sunshine
  41. The beach
  42. Water 
  43. Shopping carts at the grocery store
  44. Your favourite book
  45. Family traditions
  46. Forgiveness
  47. Healthy family members/kids
  48. Savings account
  49. Money
  50. Forgiveness
  51. Good health
  52. A good career
  53. A fulfilling life
  54. Girl’s night out
  55. Guy’s night out
  56. Warm clothes
  57. Cozy fires and hot chocolate
  58. Free moments throughout the day
  59. A clean smelling home
  60. Your favourite everything (perfume, food, book, show etc)
  61. Grandparents
  62. Parents
  63. Health and life insurance
  64. Knowing and having a purpose
  65. Deep connections with people
  66. The ability to learned things
  67. Opportunities for side hustles
  68. The internet
  69. Birds chirping
  70. Walks in the park
  71. Personal growth
  72. Business growth
  73. Your childhood memories
  74. Your role models
  75. Awesome informational  podcasts
  76. Online shopping
  77. Good hair days
  78. Looking and feeling good
  79. Stars
  80. Technology
  81. Scented candles
  82. Peaceful days
  83. Hugs
  84. The ability to choose your destiny
  85. The ability to ‘be there’ for your family
  86. Lunch and dinner dates
  87. Freedom of speech
  88. Spring
  89. To do lists and planners
  90. Mastering time management
  91. An organised environment
  92. Funny videos on facebook or youtube
  93. Good news
  94. Getting back to health after sickness
  95. Heart to hearts
  96. Getting closure from people who hurt you in the past
  97. New ideas
  98. Electricity
  99. Air conditioning
  100. Feeling inspired
  101. Hobbies


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Amazing Quote About Gratefulness

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough.” —Melodie Beatty

”Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” —Oprah Winfrey


Being grateful leads to a more positive life

No matter what your circumstances may be right now, remember one thing: Being more grateful will help you build a more positive life. 

You will become happier, healthier, more optimistic, more successful, more liked and you well being will be gratefully improved. And, being more great starts with a simple decisions you can make right now. 

Use this huge list of everyday things to become more grateful for the small, yet wonderful things that happen in our lives almost every day! 


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