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The hardest part of starting your monthly spread is always settling on a theme. After all, there are so many ideas floating around the internet and in your head, it feels almost impossible to pick just one.

In order to keep you from spending hours looking for bullet journal layouts for January to help inspire your own layouts, we’ve found a few awesome bullet journal spreads for January just for you.

Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment with your layouts. You may think that you can’t draw but keep in mind that practice makes perfect and it being January, now is the perfect time to make a goal to practice your drawing, letting and doodling so that your spreads start to look gorgeous and fun to make as you progress.

Lastly, before you begin here are some bullet journal tips to for creating beautiful layouts:

  1. Join bullet journal communities – Joining communities of like-minded people is a great way to learn and connect. 
  2. Practice, practice & practice some more – The more you practice, the better you will get. So, even though your bullet journal does not look like all the other floating around the internet, don’t fret. You will get there one day with practice. 
  3. Create a great working environment that is quite so that you’re relaxed and happy when you’re working on your bullet journal.
  4.  Invest in good quality supplies – Good quality supplies will make a world of difference when it comes to bullet journaling. Avoid notebooks with thin pages so that you don’t experience bleeding, get pens that’ll give your great results. Here are some of the top bullet journal supplies to try out.


Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook With Dotted Pages

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15 Bullet  Journal Layouts For January:


Bullet Journal Monthly Layout – Monthly Overview

January is a great time to crack out your lighter colors and emphasize the cold weather in your monthly layout. Check out this beautiful and simple January monthly spread by Bujogram and be inspired.

Via bujogram


Yellow Inspired Monthly Spread

Yellow in January has never looked this beautiful. If you like brighter colors, then this spread should definitely inspire your monthly spread for January.

Via bujowithbeth



Simple Monthly Layout

Enjoy making your new year spread with this simple bullet journal spread featuring a beautiful shade of pink. This is a layout that anyone can make to start the year right!

Via ravenclaw.bujo




Spiderman inspired monthly layout

If you like Spiderman, then you’ll be very inspired by this layout. It’s bright, colorful and beautiful and will make a great monthly layout for January.

Via deeglitzjournal


Disney inspired layout

How beautiful is this Disney inspired layout for January? it goes without saying that if you like this layout, you should definitely use it to inspire your monthly spread for the first month of the year. 

Via bujoart_ju



Lyrics & quotes inspired layout

Do you enjoy writing on your layouts? Use this layout to inspire you to add quotes and song lyrics to your bullet journal.

Via equine.bujo


Artsy January spread

Love artsy spread? This artistic January spread is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s absolutely gorgeous and unique.

Via la_bujolandiaa



Minimalist monthly layout

Simple and clean. This is the perfect monthly spread for you if you like the minimalist approach in your bullet journal or you just want to use a simple theme this month.

Via lyvuily



Sailormoon inspired layout

Be inspired by this amazing Sailormoon inspired theme for January. The colors and lettering are so breathtaking and this would be the perfect start to the new year in your bullet journal.

bullet journal monthly layouts for January

Via donotmicrowavex



Penguin Inspired layout

This is a beautiful one-page spread featuring two adorable penguins. if you like penguins, then this layout is a great inspiration for you.

Via charliesbujo



Simple bullet journal monthly layout

This is a really pretty spread with a lovely drawing for January. Don’t be afraid to try drawing on your spreads. A little practice will have you making really nice drawings in no time! 

Via veganorganicfood



January monthly layout

This one is simple and beautiful. If you love using less color in your bullet journal, then this is a design you will really like.

Via journalg8



Beautiful monthly layout

Try out this beautiful spread with space for an awesome quote to inspire you to start the new year the right way. As simple as this is, it is still breathtaking.

bullet journal layouts for january

Via barbarahaegerart




Simplicity layout

Ready to plan and set goals for 2019? This monthly layout is the place to start your new year and a new month. If you like the simplicity of this spread, let it be your inspiration for January.

Via theedwardsadventure


Finding bullet journal monthly layouts for January does not have to be stressful and time-consuming. You can simply have a look at these beautiful spreads and get as much inspiration as you need to start your month right. Don’t forget to follow these Instagram accounts for more bullet journal ideas and share this so more people can get ideas for their bullet journal monthly spreads.

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