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Have you recently started a bullet journal? If you have or you’re considering starting one, then you’re in good company. Bullet journaling is fun and exciting. It’s also the perfect way to become more productive. However, for beginners, and even more seasoned bujo lovers, there are some hacks that you absolutely must know if you really want to take your bullet journal to the next level.


Before we begin, you may want to know how to quickly start your own bullet journal

Step 1: Brainstorm what you want your bullet journal to be about

Step 2: Buy/ find the essentials you need

Step 3: Add some awesome layouts and pages in your bullet journal

For a more thorough guide, click this link to get a step by step guide if you need it. 



Here are 10 bullet journal hacks you’ll surely want to steal!


Pre-plan layouts

If you’ve ever felt the fear of starting a spread in your bullet journal then this hack is for you. It is essentially pre-planning or sketching your layouts on loose-leaf paper so that you get an accurate representation of what it should and will look like before it goes in your journal notebook. For many of us, this hack is not a necessity as we embrace small (or big) mistake in our bujo. However, for those of us who do not, here is something you can do to ensure you minimize mistakes in your bullet journal. 



Journal Cover for Bullet Journal & Bullet Journal Accessories

Do you often carry your bullet journal and accessories around? If you take yours to work, to the coffee shop, etc, then you may want to consider getting this bullet journal cover for your bullet journal and accessories. You’ll never have to worry about carrying bulky pencil cases again!

You can check this out here.



Page Tags For Ease Of Navigation

Do you often have difficulty finding certain pages in your bullet journal? If you do, then you need a simple system that’ll help you locate pages easily and with as little effort as possible. All you need is some washi tape and you can make small tags that can be used to mark certain pages. 



Calendar Tabs

If you don’t like making your own calendars in your bullet journal, you can easily use calendar tabs. These are a very easy way to add cute calendars in your bujo.



Bullet Journal Sticker Pocket

This is a simple bullet journal hacks to easily add a cute sticker pocket in your notebook. You can use this pocket for literally anything you choose such as lists, stickers and so on.



Washi Tape Hack


On The Go Washi Tape Carrier

Are you tired of carrying rolls of your favorite washi tape around with you? This simple hack can help you by making sure you always have your favorite washi tape without the bulk.



Bujo Pocket

If your bullet journal does not come with a pocket, you don’t need to worry. You can simply add one in as shown in the image below. You can stick just about anything bujo related in there and it’s so easy to add!


Hack To Prevent Bleed Through




Annual Calendar Hack

Essentially, if you always want to have easy access to your annual calendar, then this is a hack you will want to try. It involves pasting a calendar in the back of your bullet journal that can always be easily unfolded.


If you’re using a bullet journal, these are likely some hacks that will come in handy from time to time. Some are outright lifesavers when it comes to making the use of your bullet journal easy, functional and fun!

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