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A bullet journal is an analog system design helps you to get more organized and become more productive with your time.

In simple terms, a bullet journal is an analog system of planning created by Ryder Carroll. According to him, It is meant to help you track your past, organize the present and plan for the future.

This system allows you to keep record and track of just about anything you need to track of in a way that is unique to you. Therefore, is the perfect organizational system for creatives and for people who are more minimalist as well.

Starting a bullet journal is a great feeling. You get a chance to spend your time planning out your days, week and months with clour, flair, and style. Like so many other people in the world who use a bujo, you get excited about all the bullet journal pens, colored pencils, notebooks, markers, washi tapes, doodles, page ideas and so much more. 

For some of us, at this point, it may begin to get a little be tricky. Yes, you want to spend time decorating your bujo and enjoying your peaceful time doing it. However, if you find that it is starting to take up all of your free time and you’re not finding time to actually execute the plans you have made, you need to start finding more ways to use your bujo for becoming more productive. 

In fact, here are some amazing bullet journal ideas you should start incorporating into your bullet journal to help drastically improve your productiveness. 

Note, that you don’t have to give up your doodles and drawings in order to be productive. Indeed these pages include all the flare in any other regular bujo page, however, they’re designed to help you get more done and make great use of your time!

And, if you don’t feel up to it, you do not need to get fancy or make the perfect looking pages.  The right bullet journal pages bring ultimate pleasure and when you actually find your self excelling and making great use of your time, you will be even happier!


14 Bullet journal page ideas for productivity


Taking note of your ideal habits is a great way to increase your productivity. There is nothing better than knowing exactly what you want to do every day and doing it. Therefore, if you want to be more productive, make a list of the habits you want to build for yourself and stick to it. In no time, this will become your routine. 




Time trackers are a great way to get a great picture of how you’re spending your time. You can if you’re wasting a lot of time, if you’re doing okay or if you’re doing good with using your time wisely. knowing this can easily help you adjust your schedule so that you get more done. Take this beautiful time tracker above, for example, it shows exactly how every single hour is spent for the month. Also, because it’s so colorful, it’s a very nice spread to make! 


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Another great way to use your bullet journal pages for productivity is by tracking your actual habits. In this bujo spread, things such as study, sports, assignments and bujo time are being tracked. You can go on and find the things that are important in your life and tracker them similarly for more productivity.





If you prefer to plan out daily, this bujo daily spread is a great option. You can write down your to-dos and track important stuff as well!



Trying to get your self into a more productive mind frame week by week? This timeline is a great idea to try out.




Sometimes the simplest things are the things that we struggle the most with. You can use this Productivity tracker template the keep track of things like work, school, leisure and get a clear idea of how you spend your time. With a tool like this, you can easily readjust your schedule so that you are more productive. You may even find time to add in some extra stuff that makes your life better!  




This bullet journal spread does basically the same thing as the spreads above. However, it is structured differently and looks different. 



Sometimes you need a visual aid to help keep you accountable throughout the month. This beautiful spread is a great idea you can incorporate into your bullet journal. With a spread like this, you’re sure to get into the habit of being more efficient throughout the month!




If you prepare in advance, chances are high that you will be more ready and get everything done on time and well. You can thus use spreads like these to help you prepare for activities, events, appointments, meetings, assignments and so much more. 



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This layout is part of my 2nd blog post for @dingbatsnotebooks. In this post I’m talking about how to use your journal at work in order to boost your productivity. ?? Having a visual timeframe for my projects helps me see clearly the important steps and tasks that need to be done and when, and it’s an essential tool for successful planning and project management. If you read the post, let me know what you think ? Do you use your bullet journal for work? Which spreads do you use to help you be more productive? #dingbats #journaling #showmeyourplanner #bulletjournal #bujo #bujoinsperation #planneraddict #bujo2018 #bujocommunity #plannercommunity #stationeryaddict #bulletjournaljunkies #diary #planning #writing #plannerlove #bulletjournaling #plannernerd #ecofriendly #bujojunkies #weeklyspread #bujobeauty #planwithme #plannerlife #bujogram #bujowork #productivitytips

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Have you ever considered using visual timeframes to help boost your productivity when completing projects? You should definitely consider doing this. You can use the guide above to learn how.  


Are you bad at keeping up with the habits that you want to build? Have you tried multiple times to start building good habits but failed every time? A habit tracker like this one is just what you need. 



This is another tracker that you can use. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also very good to map out how you spend your time. 


Sometimes we may think that we must give up on incorporating beautiful elements into our bullet journals in order to be more productive. However, you do not. You simply need to incorporate some great spreads that can help you increase your productivity and enjoy your bujo too!

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